Types of Facilities  

The Zone have 98 hectares divided into 24 blocks. 

These blocks are divided according to the business activities as follows:




11    Offices, logistic units, warehouses, international  commerce , show rooms, manufacturing & assembling,  back offices, services,…


5 Global center for aircraft conversion, repair,   maintenance, paint and support services for  international aviation.


3 Sewage treatment plant, trash recycling facility,  telecommunications, power plant, water supply



3 Hotel and apartments



2 laboratories & scientific research





Buildings were designed based on the type of business and named prototypes, as follows:



Prototipo - Plantas y actividad


Alfa 0        1 floor; for warehouse and logistic purposes.

Alfa I        3 floors; for commercial, logistics, show rooms,offices,  warehouses.  

Alfa II        3 floors; for offices, factories, and processing  of goods and services.

Alfa III       7 floors; for industrial endeavors, offices, and  high tech services.

Beta I        7 floors; for intelligent building, for offices, show rooms and high tech companies.

Beta II        Similar to Beta I  with a bigger capacity .

Delta          For laboratories & scientific research. 


The Administration building & Convention and Expositions Center : A 10 floor building, with an enclosed area of 88,000 m2


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