The strategic location of Panama Teleport makes it a logical choice to provide services to the international aviation industry and operations.


Services to be provided:

 Conversion of passenger aircraft to cargo.

Repair, paint, clearing and maintenance of all 

types of commercial, private and military    

aircraft from Worldwide.


Sale & distribution of aircraft spare parts, etc.

 Aircraft Fuel and lubricants supply

 Supplies for crews and passengers in

commercial, private and military planes.

 Provide services requested by airplane crews.

 Operations support for all users of the Center.

 Security services at all levels.

 Assembly of airlines spare parts,

 Authorized representatives for aircraft sales


-Servicios de apoyo logístico a los usuarios del Centro.

-Servicios de seguridad en todos sus ámbitos.

-Agencias autorizadas para la venta de aviones.


Global Center for Business,

Services and Commerce


A center for world trade of goods and services. 

The Zone’s administration and operation center

will guarantee our customers the best conditions and support services to compete globally.




Global Center for Logistic

Services and Operations


A multimodal logistic platform created to develop a global trade network  operation center at our Zone.  Logistic management services, support facilities, efficient ground operations structure, a business intelligence unit with state of the art informatics support, will provide a highly competitive business structure.  This includes a large warehouse storage capacities ranging from units of 1500 m3 to 9,000 m3.



Global Investments Market   

It will provide, via Internet, a meeting place between investors and  project owners and/or businesses looking for venture capital.  An annual meeting, denominated Investment Open Market will allow worldwide Investors and Project Owners; to meet, discuss, negotiate and close deals.



Global Center for Hospital, Medical and Health Services

The concept of the Zone service includes an international center of health services, with a high-tech scientific platform. Their services are aimed at Latin American market. Together with companies and research institutions located in the area, will offer a wide range of healthcare solutions to the people of the region and overall. There will also be a training center to prepare and update human resources of the region in medical, health and scientific research.


Global Expositions and

Convention Center


The Administration Building and Business Center integrated to facilities covering five (5) hectares,  designed to carry out international fairs and conventions throughout the year.  



Global Center for Electronic Commerce



A safe and highly sophisticated global electronic market for the purchase and sale of goods and services, through the Web.  Wholesale business to business transactions  with simultaneous participation of importers, exporters, banks, insurance companies, freight forwarders, cargo companies, and all agent involved in the sale/purchase process.  The Panama Global E-Market Exchange system has been developed with the IBM e-commerce B2B exchange technology  .



Global Center for Scientific & Technological Research

A section of the area has been designed as a specialized center for the development of scientific and technological research. The aim is to attract companies and research organizations in the areas of biotechnology, biomedical, pharmaceutical, genetic engineering, geriatrics, cardiology, brain, HIV, renewable energy, electronics, telecommunications ...

Global Center for Aircraft Conversion, Repair, Maintenance, Paint and Support Services for International Aviation



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