Administrative Organization

Panama Teleport will carry out all administrative operations until demand requires the creation of different departments to carry the many administrative endeavors. 


Panama Teleport Corporation

Is the parent company, and responsible for the concept, design, development, promotion and management of the Zone. Each internal service needed by the customers and all operational activity of the Zone, will be provided, initially by Panama Teleport. Once the demand requires a specialized provider unit, a specific company will be created to manage the service operation. Panama Teleport will hold a minimum interest of 51% of the shares of those companies.


Inmobiliaria Telepuerto, S.A.

Founded in 1986, it is the owner of the land and responsible for the Panama Teleport’s real estate transactions and administration of the real estate portfolio of the zone.


Technopolis Engineering.

Provides oversite of all of the Zone’s construction.   Responsible for all infrastructure construction and



Global Logistic Management, Inc.

Created to manage the services of the multimodal logistic center of the Zone.


The Panama Global E-Market Exchange, Inc.

It is in charge of the development and management of the e-commerce system, with the technical support of GBM/IBM.


Services, Inc.

Will develop and manage the specialized services in this field.


Human Resources R&S, Inc.

This firm will help with the recruitment and selection of local and international personnel required by the users of the Zone.


Panama Electronics Corporation.

Its main activity will be the development of the necessary technological ability that will be required to repair and maintain the electronic equipment, security and control instruments, telecommunication and computer systems that will be installed.


Teleport Insurance Company.

Will be created as an insurance company to administer insurance policies for all properties of PANAMA TELEPORT, S. A. as well as group and individual insurance.


Security and Safety Services, Inc.

This company will develop and manage the security system of the Zone.


Environment Management, Inc.

It will be in charge of sewage treatment plants, garbage collection, processing and recycling, gardens and the environment protection.


Panama Teleport Server Center, Inc.

This company will provide services for data bases, data processing, web hosting, etc.


Teleport Power Supply, Inc.

The Zone will have its own power source, completely reliable, with a guaranteed continuous supply of energy and at very competitive prices. It will supply energy throughout the Zone to all installations


W.I.N. Travel Services, Inc.

Provides travel agency services .


Comfort Services, Inc.

This firm will organize and manage recreational, health and food services such as: cafeterias, restaurants, beauty parlors,  etc.


Panama Teleport Hotel, Inc.

This company will be in charge of the 400 room, five star hotel .


Global Investment Market, Inc.

Will be in charged of developing, managing and marketing of the investments market exchange.


Global E-Stock Exchange of Panama, Inc.

Provide an international electronic non-taxable Stock Exchange.


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